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Join in climate protection, meet dedicated people, collect experiences and bring in your skills!

Your knowledge and your skills are valuable supports of our volunteer organization. Our climate actions, campaigns, and projects need people who are willing to put in a few hours of their time free of charge. You enable other people to get informed and to contribute to climate protection in their practical daily lives.

Many people believe that their "small" contribution to climate protection benefits nothing and forget that the sum of all efforts by many people causes a big impact. Here are two examples to illustrate: 

  • If every citizen in China is drinking only one cup of tea per day extra, it takes around 2 to 3 new nuclear power plants.

  • If every household in England replaces only one old light bulb with a LED, 1 coal-fired power plant can be closed.

As a volunteer of myblueplanet you can make a big impact twofold. First, if you're with us on projects, campaigns, or actions. Secondly, if you make myblueplanet known in your private and professional environment and motivate your friends, relatives, colleagues, employees or neighbours to take part in climate protection.

Climate-friendly behavior is worthwhile in any case. So, join our great community and do as much and as far as you want it.


Here you can become a volunteer

Here you find what you can do at myblueplanet

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Kontakt Volunteering

Hast du Fragen zum Volunteering? 

z.B. zu Vereinbarung, Spesenvergütung, Zertifikat, Zeugnis usw.

dann kontaktiere: Ulrich Brunner

079 320 27 06


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