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Shayade HugShayade Hug, Miss Earth Suisse 2014: Miss Earth is committed to promote environmental projects during her year of reign. “Beauty for a cause” is actively promoting myblueplanet projects. 








Beatrice Tschanz, communication specialist: “Climate protection is the sum of thousands of small steps. We are all obliged to contribute with our behavior and conscience to the protection of the environment. The sooner we learn to change, lees quickly the destruction will take place.





Moritz Leuenberger, former federal councilor: "myblueplanet brings together people who really want to act. They accept responsibility and actively demonstrate that everyone can contribute to climate protection without giving up comfort. It is a hope for which it is worth committing personally and politically, a hope for our planet."




Prof. Dr. Thomas Stocker, Climatologist: "Nowadays we still have the choice: We are able to achieve the goal of two degrees. An objective that limits the increase in global temperature by two degrees compared to pre-industrial conditions. This will only be possible if the production of greenhouse gases falls considerably. This is why local projects such as myblueplanet projects are so important."