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As well clean with less water

Abandoning the shower or the washing hands because of the climate? No need! There are shower heads and mixer showers that can help you to save water.

Hot water production represents a significant part of household energy consumption, mainly using oil, gas or electricity. When you reduce the use of hot water, you save energy and money, and you reduce CO2 emissions.

Make your commitment visible

Are you already using a shower head or an economical mixer? Awesome! Make your commitment visible and click on "Already doing" on the right of this page. If this is not the case, why not to install it now? Once done, return to this page and click on "From now on". In this way, you make CO2 savings visible.

Tips and tricks

There are other ways to reduce the use of hot water in a household: by Energy Class A sanitation facilities, or by small changes in your behaviour that you can easily carry out:

  • Take a shower instead of a bath
  • Shorten the duration of your shower
  • Set the boiler temperature to 60 ° C maximum
  • Insulate hot water pipes in the house

Get information here about economical knobs and mixers and choose the one that suits you.

Why is Switzerland so concerned about water saving?

It’s a fact that for now the water supply is sufficient in Switzerland. On the other hand, the production of water; mainly hot water requires a large amount of energy. Similarly, to wastewater treatment: the less diluted the wastewater, the more effective their treatment. 

The distribution of drinking water in the circuit also requires energy. At different levels, the quantity that we use plays an important role.

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